ACROPOLIS INTERACTIVE is led by George M. Dratelis who has worked in the online industry for 15 years. His initial foray in online development was in 1995 as head of the sales team for a startup company called Virtual Cape Cod – the first destination portal site dedicated to the Cape Cod tourism industry.

After working as a consultant for companies in the Cape Cod and Boston area he joined the Cape Cod Times newspaper in August of 1997 and was promoted to Online Advertising Manager in 1998. Cape Cod Online was developed into an award winning portal site for news and information about Cape Cod and Mr. Dratelis was active in many online industry events and speaking engagements.

In 1999 he was promoted to Corporate Internet Marketing Director for Ottaway Newspapers, Inc. (Dow Jones Local Media Group) and worked as the corporate lead in developing and executing programs for the newspaper group to achieve their online development goals.

Mr. Dratelis is well known in the online media industry and was featured in an Editor and Publisher magazine interview in 2003. He also served two terms as a member of the Newspaper Association of America’s Digital Media Federation Board of Directors.

After leaving Dow Jones he spent two years at Lee Enterprises heading up a corporate wide website design initiative. He developed the strategy and prototype site for online community development which was then rolled out across the company. His consulting on social networking and online video strategy was instrumental in significant audience and revenue growth. As part of the executive team he planned and led sales training programs with local newspaper staff members. George is currently Director of Client Relations for Kostizi.

Vendor companies represented include Adicio, Inc. which is the leading technology provider of private label online marketplace solutions for Job Boards, Real Estate and Automotive shopping. ACROPOLIS INTERACTIVE also has connections with a wide variety of technology vendors, web designers, programmers and outsourced sales resources to ensure that whatever need is faced by our clients can be met with a professional and effective solution.

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